Monday, March 12, 2018

Day 5: Playa Hermosa/Guanacaste

Sunday started off with breakfast at 7:30, after which we had time to relax by the pool. By 10:30, we loaded the bus and headed out for a brief tour of the area around our hotel. Our first stop was a huge Guanacaste tree in the middle of an intersection just three blocks from our hotel.

Just a few blocks further and we were observing a parade supporting women's rights against domestic violence. Several hundred people were walking in support and there were many activities in an adjacent park.

We then stopped at a market near the square. Lots of interesting things to see, and opportunity to work on our currency conversion skills!
Back on the bus, we headed to Playa Hermosa, where we made a brief stop to buy drinks and snacks, enjoy the beach, and put our toes in the Pacific Ocean.  Our snorkeling site was about 20 minutes away; once we arrived, we were on a boat that transported us to a cove about two miles off shore. 

The cove we were snorkeling in was beautiful - we were able to see coral, several types of fish, eels, and an octopus. Everyone in our group was in the water for at least an hour - tiring but so worth it!
After the snorkeling, our guides had fresh pineapple and water for us; there were also dozens of cappuccino monkeys that were very close by - hoping to get a slice of pineapple, I'm sure. 

After our afternoon of snorkeling, we had a late lunch in a nearby town - choice of beef fajitas, arroz con pollo, chicken, or pork with rice and beans.  Before heading back to Liberia, we returned to Playa Hermosa to catch some beautiful photos of the sunset over the ocean.

The drive back to our hotel was about 45 minutes, and we had some time to shower and relax before a late dinner of spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread.  Tomorrow we will be leaving Liberia and heading to the Arsenal region and La Fortuna.

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