Sunday, March 11, 2018

Day 3: Masaya

Today was our last full day in Nicaragua. After breakfast, we boarded the bus and traveled from Granada to the Masaya area. Our first stop was at the Volcán Masaya. After spending some time at the museum with our guide, Gino,  learning about the history of the volcano, we took a few photos of the view then traveled up to the volcano.

A couple of interesting things we learned about this volcano: small green parrots called chocoyos live inside the main caldera of the volcano; and indigenous people sacrificed babies and maidens to the volcano several hundred years ago.  We did not see any parrots - or sacrifices! - but we did see vultures circling above the volcano. They use the smoke and gasses from the volcano to clean themselves.
For lunch we traveled to the town of Catarina. The view of the Apoyo Lagoon, with Lake Nicaragua behind it, was incredible.

Lunch was a choice of beef, chicken, or pork with rice, salad, and tea. After eating we had a little time to walk around the market area. We then went to a "taller", a ceramic workshop, where we watched a demonstration on pottery, from start to finished product.

After the demonstration, we shopped at nearby tiendas for pottery, then boarded the bus and returned to the hotel. We had some free time before dinner to relax and shop at the local supermarket.
Dinner at our hotel was followed by a trip to the downtown area to see a little of the nightlife. Lots of people out and about, enjoying al fresco dining, dancing - including some young teens break-dancing - and a musical group that we watched for a while.

Tomorrow (Saturday) will be a long travel day as we leave Nicaragua and travel to Costs Rica.

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